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The Velvet Underground sues the Andy Warhol Foundation for infringing use of the “public domain” banana design that Andy Warhol made for them in 1967.

via abelson:

The Velvet Underground sued the Andy Warhol Foundation, accusing it of infringing the trademark for the banana design on the cover of the rock group’s first album in 1967.

The band’s founders, Lou Reed and John Cale, said that the foundation infringed the design by licensing it to third parties, according to the complaint filed today in federal court in Manhattan.

The band, which was active from about 1965 to 1972, formed an artistic collaboration with Warhol, who designed the banana illustration for “The Velvet Underground and Nico,” which critics have labeled one of the most influential rock recordings of all time, according to the complaint.

The Warhol Foundation claimed it has a copyright interest in the design, according to the lawsuit. The Velvet Underground partnership said in the complaint that the design can’t be copyrighted because it’s in the public domain. The banana image Warhol furnished for the illustration came from an advertisement that was in the public domain, according to the complaint.

The illustration appeared on the album cover without a copyright notice and no one sought to copyright it, according to the complaint. That put the design in the public domain, the group said in the lawsuit.

“The banana design is a significant element of Velvet Underground’s ongoing licensed merchandising activity,” the group said. Use of the design as a trademark by the band “has been exclusive, continuous and uninterrupted for more than 25 years.”


Ceci est ma première nouvelle, un texte court inspiré par Boris Vian.
Ce projet d’auto-publication est né de la rencontre avec un illustrateur, Lionel Fahy, également tatoueur de talent sous le nom de Lionel “Out of Step”.
Lionel a réalisé plusieurs illustrations réparties autour du texte, et une dernière qui donne son caractère au poster.
La présentation sous forme de poster permet de lire la nouvelle au fur et à mesure qu’on le déplie. Cette mise en page originale est une création du graphiste Thomas Petitjean.

—- —— —-

This is my first short story, writen in french language, inspired by Boris Vian.
This DIY projet is born with the help of Lionel Fahy, illustrator and also a talented tattooer under the name Lionel “Out of Step”.
Lionel created a few illustrations around the text and a bigger one on the other side.
The design of the poster is made in purpose so you can read the story while you unfold it. This graphic design is an original idea by Thomas Petitjean.


Le poster est disponible ici / poster is available here :


ReCraft Your Stamp: Kaoiro Japanese Emoticon Stamp

Kaoiro means “facial expression” in Japanese and is the name of this emoticon stamp. It has 7 belts with each around 20 symbols, so you can create 2000 kaomoji (japanese emoticons). Here you can find all the possible combinations.


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